Author: John

Forever DM, site developer, and enjoyer of the ridiculous, John is convinced he is the only person to ever create a Halfling farmer that herds Intellect Devourers.

The party comes across a strange set of “game” shows being distributed across the Realm. Gives any level a chance to play some games themselves, but potentially suffer the consequences.

The party enters Festeros and learns of a true Game of Thrones that they play each year for the crown. Can they best Bobert Crannister? A fun DnD 5e encounter loosely based on the hit HBO show.

A dragonborn holds the party hostage until they can solve a series of puzzles. Great if a member of the party is missing for a session. Any level.

The party meets a gnome with a literal cloud over his head. He must finish his symphony, but the rain is preventing any work from getting done Any level.