A frost giant who aspires to be an elf has captured the local snow elves, imprisoning them in glass terrariums and keeping them safely on his shelf. Stealthily rescue the prisoners and take care of the giant in this encounter for party levels 4-7.

A woman begs for the party’s assistance in reclaiming two sacred relics to help summon an ancient protector. Party Levels 4-7.

In order to protect their livestock from any more surprise roc attacks, a village tasks the party with sneaking into the roc’s nesting grounds and strapping jingle bells to its legs. Levels 4-7.

The Judge is a mechanic that you could use a lot or a little. With his flexibility and strange ability to appear – as poet laureate Shakira once said, “whenever, wherever” – you can toss the judge into an encounter when combat has become a bit too boring, or your players attack in the same way every time.