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Farms are having their poultry stolen by a shadowy turkey monster they have named “Turkey Lurkey.” Players are faced with an ethical dilemma: destroy the creature or join him. Party levels 1-3.

Herbert, a modest farmer, has made wishes on a cursed monkey’s paw with unexpected consequences. Now, he needs the party’s help to reverse the damage he’s caused.

Players have been captured by a vengeful hog folk who calls himself “Pigsaw.” They must participate in his sinister game or find their own means of escape in this dungeon encounter for party levels 4-7.

Help a good-intentioned balor complete his final capstone project and earn his engineering degree in this series of skill challenges for players of any level.

The party stumbles across a farmstead that is surrounded by warning signs reading “Caution: Explosive Fowl” and “Beware of Powder-Keg…

A farmer needs help solving the mystery of the strange crop circles that have appeared in his fields. This farm/forest encounter is intended for party levels 4-7.