Author: Trent

English teacher, actor, and active participant in multiple DnD campaigns. He enjoys generating ridiculous ideas for stories and games.

A young cleric needs to pull an all-nighter if he has any chance at passing his final exam. However, some will stop at nothing to see that he sleeps. Protect him at all costs in this city encounter for party levels 4-7.

A town is frightened by glowing yellow eyes staring up from the bottom of a pit. Players can boldly descend and solve the mystery of the “eyes” in this cave adventure for party levels 12+.

The brilliant Inspector Wattson is having trouble with his mechanical modifications, and he needs help figuring out what (or who) is to blame. Play private eye in this city encounter for player levels 4-7.

Participate in a mock naval battle against a disgraced undead pirate, giving him his long-awaited “burial at sea” in this ocean encounter for levels 12+.

Pocket-dimension monsters have crawled into our world and need to be caught and returned home in this fetch quest for any party level.