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From the school of Transmutation, Alter Self is a 2nd level spell available to sorcerers, wizards, and artificers. If you’re a circle of the moon druid you’ll get this at will at level 14. 

An armored suit mogul has lost some of his intellectual property to a den of Behir. Can the party assist in returning the suits? For high level parties, 15+

Help a good-intentioned balor complete his final capstone project and earn his engineering degree in this series of skill challenges for players of any level.

The brilliant Inspector Wattson is having trouble with his mechanical modifications, and he needs help figuring out what (or who) is to blame. Play private eye in this city encounter for player levels 4-7.

You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick these locks. This is an urban encounter for lock-pickers and others who consider themselves sneaky, or good at killing things, for parties of 12+