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This may just be the most nerfed spell in dnd 5e. From 1st edition to fifth edition, Animal Friendship has taken players from Barry, king of the badgers to Barry, a guy who was nice to a badger once. What a shame. 

A DnD take on a Monty Python classic, The Black Knight is an imposing figure that blocks a bridge. For party level 1-3

A young cleric needs to pull an all-nighter if he has any chance at passing his final exam. However, some will stop at nothing to see that he sleeps. Protect him at all costs in this city encounter for party levels 4-7.

There is something very off with this sea. Mainly that it doesn’t exist and is in the middle of the plains. Solve the mystery for Homer in this encounter for parties level 4-7.

A new central location for all sorts of shenanigans lies just beneath the floorboards in the party’s favorite tavern, good for parties of any level.