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Help a blacksmith transport a sacred flame to another town, all while protecting it from the safety-conscious Smokey the Owlbear and his firefighting crew of woodland critters. This grassland/forest encounter is designed for player levels 4-7.

A mastiff refuses to let go of whatever is in its mouth. It turns out its a Slaad Tadpole, but where did it get it from? Follow the dog and owner to find out. Party Level 12+

A wizard has a strange request and hopes you can assist while she is away. Parties of any level with interchangeable options.

A woman is yelling about something called an “updog” coming to attack the town, but no one will ask what it is. Urban encounter for parties level 4+

Noise ordinances are there for a reason GARY. Can the party help settle a dispute in this encounter for level 12+?