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Gorman’s Baits & Motel needs investigating after a luggage-selling Loxodon goes missing. Can the party solve the disappearance? Party levels 4-7.

A mastiff refuses to let go of whatever is in its mouth. It turns out its a Slaad Tadpole, but where did it get it from? Follow the dog and owner to find out. Party Level 12+

A local rock-skipping competition turns ugly as the competitors awaken something bad. Adjustable for any party level.

There is something very off with this sea. Mainly that it doesn’t exist and is in the middle of the plains. Solve the mystery for Homer in this encounter for parties level 4-7.

You can’t spell Fomorian without FOMO. Help a reformed Fomorian keep his job in town while dealing with some ruffians in this encounter, levels 8-11.

An ornithologist gets more than she bargains for when studying flying creatures. Interplanar encounter for levels 4-7