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Based on The Grinch, this NPC is a green-furred bugbear that may have a bigger heart than he initially shows.

In this parody of a parody, players must help Shaun the Faun retrieve his girlfriend and defend the Whimchester Tavern from an onslaught of hungry zombies. Encounter is designed for player levels 8-11.

Loosely based on the movie “Halloween,” a town’s pumpkins have been terrorized, and they beg the party to put an end to the madness. Levels 1-3.

An historic camp is set to open back up, but there’s is one man who will not leave. The party must help remove the man before his ritual is complete. Levels 4-7

Based on “It Follows,” the party comes across a recently successful woman folded up like a pretzel and unalived. Can the party unravel the mystery? Any level party. More mechanic than encounter.

A talented artificer, who specializes in making blocks, is stuck babysitting hill giants and needs the party’s help in this mountain encounter for levels 8-11.

The party enters Festeros and learns of a true Game of Thrones that they play each year for the crown. Can they best Bobert Crannister? A fun DnD 5e encounter loosely based on the hit HBO show.