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In this parody of a parody, players must help Shaun the Faun retrieve his girlfriend and defend the Whimchester Tavern from an onslaught of hungry zombies. Encounter is designed for player levels 8-11.

A new central location for all sorts of shenanigans lies just beneath the floorboards in the party’s favorite tavern, good for parties of any level.

A mind flayer for Psionic Synergy Solutions is hired on as an accountant to brainwash employees. Expose his long-term plans and destroy him before an entire local workforce falls under his control. Party levels 4-7.

You can’t spell Fomorian without FOMO. Help a reformed Fomorian keep his job in town while dealing with some ruffians in this encounter, levels 8-11.

Help a treant rescue his forest friends from Bud the Wiser’s tavern in this quirky encounter for levels 4-7.